What Is It?

We have a Dream…

The Our Children Can’t Wait movement will change the world for the infants, toddlers and preschoolers growing up in Clark County.  Changing the future for young children raises the bar for the future of our community.

SELF’s Collective Approach…

The challenges facing us require new ways of working together.   Communities are adopting new strategies to foster a collaboration called Collective Impact.  Collective Impact is a framework that creates the conditions for a multi-sector approach to solving social problems.  Working together, we leverage more resources, unite our community and focus our impact to bring lasting change.

It is essential that our community partners work together to create Clark County’s early learning solutions and strategies.  We have identified all the sectors of our community that need to work together.  The goal is simple. We build a collective will and a plan that will expand and connect the work of all partners related to early learning in our community to best serve our children.

Creating a local early learning system is complex, fluid and requires the ability to adapt quickly.

The Center for Child and Human Development at Georgetown University defines it this way: “An early childhood system involves more than discrete and separate services, programs, or structures located in a defined geographic area. In contrast, it provides a coordinated network of comprehensive services and supports that meet the overall health and developmental needs of young children in the context of their culture. An early childhood system also recognizes that to optimize child outcomes, families of young children must be supported through access to adequate housing, jobs, parenting support and education, health care, and adult mental health services.”