What is considered “early learning” by SELF and OCCW?

It is the time period between birth and kindergarten.


What is Our Children Can’t Wait?

It is a community-wide movement to change the way that our community invests in, values and recognizes that birth to five years of age needs intense attention so that children are ready for school and have the best chance possible at life.


How many children fall into the category of early learners in Clark County?

6,000 children are born each year in Clark County.  That means there are approximately 30,000 children who are pre-kindergarten.


Why is being ready for kindergarten so important?

Research indicates that if children aren’t ready when they start school, and haven’t caught up by third grade, they will never catch up.


What sorts of things can parents, families and care providers do with children to aid in the area of early learning? 

It’s simple: CLICK HERE to Download the list.