What Does SELF Do?

SELF brings together all of the sectors that touch early childhood education, including health care, early childhood educators, human and social services, K-12 school districts, the private sector and families creating a common place to focus efforts, resources, and strategies with a shared purpose. An early childhood system goes far beyond schools and education.

SELF is creating a more coordinated approach that works across systems and silos and bridges the gap between formal education and intervention to include the largest majority of children birth to five.

We avoid “prescribing” a one-size-fits-all model. The real power comes from supporting communities to take stock of their strengths and assets and deciding what to build on, as well as where to bring in potentially new supports. SELF provides the overall vision, research and direction to ensure that existing community services are coordinated in a more direct, effective, and family-centric way. SELF is not intended to become a direct service provider, but rather will create collaboration and engagement amongst direct service providers.