Community Conversations

Community Conversations

Advocate. Educate. Donate.

Every child deserves a safe, stimulating environment to grow and thrive. Help address the child care crisis by joining forces with us—advocate for transformative policies, educate your community about the critical need for accessible child care, and donate to support programs that make a difference. Together, we can build a brighter future for our children.

Each of these actions can help deepen your impact and spread awareness about the issues you care about.

Ways to Advocate:

Become an advocate for policy change. Attend town hall meetings, join local boards or committees, and speak with local representatives. Engaging in public forums and discussions can help influence public policy and decision-making.

Build partnerships with other organizations or businesses that share your goals. Collaborative efforts can amplify your impact and reach a broader audience.

Take action!

1. Write an email to your local representatives addressing the child care crisis. Download the representative contact list by clicking the button below.

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2. You can formulate an email using the Child Care Aware Advocacy email-generating tool. Click the 'Take Action Now' button to find this tool.

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Ways to Educate:

Educate yourself and others about the issues. Attend workshops, talk with friends and family, or organize educational events in your community. Sharing information through social media or blogging can also reach a wide audience.

Initiate or participate in community projects that address local needs directly related to your cause.

Take action!

1. Talk about the child care crisis on your social media platforms. Download the social media graphics and talking points below. Or text your friends and family about the child care crisis.

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2. We have a list of local reports highlighting information and facts around the child care crisis.

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Ways to Donate:

Organize fundraising events or campaigns to support the cause. This can include online crowdfunding campaigns, employee match programs or a bake sale.

Donate to support programs, campaigns and initiatives that make a difference. 

1. Donate to our organization to make a difference.

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2. Donate to your preferred child care focused organization.

Take action! Advocate, Educate and Donate today!